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Anson Sterling Cone

Diary of
Gordon Chapple Cone

Sylvester Washington Cone
An Account of his life

Johnson's Division
Night Attack at Franklin

Captain P.M. Hope letter
to his infant daughter Annie

Eyewitness Accounts
from the Battle of Franklin


Displaced In Time Radio - Remembering The Golden Age of Radio & Historical Events
Displaced In Time Radio

Christmas Under the Gun
A look at Christmas with the troops.

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~ "The man who takes no pride in his ancestors,
is not likely to have his descendants take any pride in him" ~

~ We die twice; the first time when our hearts cease to beat;
the second time when our stories cease to be told ~

My famile tree goes back to Colquhoun Clan in Scotland. In 1651 my 9th Great Grandfather Daniel Cone was captured at the Battle of Worcester by Cromwells Army and sent to the the colonies with other Scottish prisoners of war as servants. He arrived in 1652 and became the servant to John Winthrop Jr. I am part English, Scottish & Native American. I have a deep passion for history. I have had numerous relatives in the armed forces going back to before the American Rev. Step back in time with me as I do my best to share their stories on the following pages as well as other bits of History. ~ Steven ~