4th Alabama (Russell's) Cavalry Regiment

Russell's 4th Alabama Cavalry Regiment was formed at Murfreesboro, TN in December 1862 by a consolidation of four companies from Nathan B. Forrest's Old Tennessee Cavalry Regiment, and six companies from the 4th Alabama Battalion.

(Recruits were from Cherokee, Jackson, Lawrence, Madison, Marshall, Monroe, and Wilcox counties).

Forrest's old companies had been with him for 15 months and had fought at Fort Donelson, Shiloh, and many other engagements. Shortly after its organization, the regiment was sent with Forrest on a raid into west Tennessee, fighting in the battles of Lexington, Trenton, and Jackson.

It also served in John T. Morgan's and William Wirt Allen's brigades, at Parker's Cross Roads, and Chickamauga. It also was in the Knoxville and Dalton-Atlanta campaigns. Later it skirmished in the Tennessee Valley and served under Gen'l James R. Chalmers in Alabama.

After the Battle of Nashville, the 4th was assigned to Forrest's Corps and was included in the surrender on 4 May 1865.

Col. A. A. Russell was twice wounded and was early placed in command of a brigade, thus the regiment was under the command of Lt. Col. Joseph M. Hambrick.

Field and staff officers:
Col. Alfred A. Russell (Jackson County; wounded, twice)
Lt. Col. Joseph M. Hambrick (Madison County; wounded, Calhoun, GA)
Major F. M. Taylor (Madison County)
Adjutant Harry F. Christian (Madison)

Captains, and counties from which the companies came:

Co. "A" (Wilcox and Monroe) -- W. C. Bacot (wounded, near Atlanta)
    [formerly 3rd TN Cavalry]

Co. "B" (Cherokee) -- Alfred S. Truitt; Thomas W. Hampton (KIA, Mossy Creek)
    H. A. Gillespie [previously, Co. "D", 15th TN Cavalry Battalion]

Co. "C" (Madison) -- Frank B. Gurley

Co. "D" -- William H. Taylor

Co. "E" (Jackson) -- Flavius J. Graham (wounded, near Atlanta)

Co. "F" (Madison) -- Oliver B. Gaston (captured; died as POW)
    [some of this company previously served in Co. "D", 7th AL Infantry]

Co. "G" (Jackson) -- Henry F. Smith (wounded)

Co. "H" (Marshall) -- Henry Milner (resigned, 5 Dec 62)
    David Davidson (wounded; resigned)[formerly 5th TN Cavalry]

(Madison) -- W. R. Whitman

Co. "I" (Marshall) -- J. William Fennell; James L. Smith; Thomas M. Patteson
    [evidently consolidated from Co. "A" and "E", 15th TN Cavalry Battalion]

Co. "K" -- David Campbell Kelley (promoted, Major, 3rd TN Cavalry)
    Joseph M. Hamrick (promoted, Lt. Col.); W. R. Whitman

Dunagan's Co. "Russell's Battalion, 15th TN Partisan Rangers, or Russell's Rangers"
    company evidently broken up when battalion was raised to a regiment Nov. 23, 1862

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