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American Revolution

The following is a list of a few of my relatives that fought during the American Revolution.

He enlisted at East Haddam May 10, 1775, in the 1st Company, 1st Regiment Connecticut troops. Was in siege of Boston in May, and at Bunker Hill in June,and was discharged December of same year. He enlisted Nov. 24r 1776, in Capt. Henry Champion's company, 3d Regt. Connecticut Line, under Col. Samuel Wyllys; wintered at Valley Forge, 1777-8 was at battles of Brandywine, Monmouth and Long Island. In 1781 while still in service he lost an eye by smallpox. In 1793 he was granted a pension, and d. Dec. 15, 1827, aged 83 years.

CORNELIUS CONE - Cornelius was a soldier in the French and Indian War of 1755, in Captain Dimock's company. He also served with Massachusetts troops in the Rev. War, and d. Feb. 9, 1817, aged 89 years.

WILLIAM CONE - He was a Revolutionary soldier, enlisting May 5, 1775, in 4th Company, 2d Regiment of Connecticut troops under Capt. Return Jonathan Meigs and Capt. Ebenezer Sumner, and was discharged Dec. 10, 1775. Sept. 2, 1776, he was appointed captain of a company of militia, and was promoted to Major of the 25th Regiment of militia in May, 1780. He d. in East Haddam April 22, 1793.

DANIEL CONE- He went out at " Lexington Alarm" April 19, 1775, and served 14 days; was promoted as Lieutenant May 1, 1775, in 1st Company, 2d Regiment Connecticut Continentals under Col. Joseph Spencer, and was discharged Dec. 17, 1775. He d. East Haddam Nov. 11, 1788

GEORGE CONE, - Previous to the Revolutionary War was a Lieutenant of Militia. During the war he was a leading member of the "Committee of Supplies," whose duty it was to attend to the wants of the families of soldiers while they were in the service of the State. He died greatly respected, Jan. 3, 1801.

JOSEPH CONE - He d. at sea while in a naval engagement, in 1779, during Revolutionary War.

JONAH CONE - He served in the Revolutionary- War, enlisting April, 1775, under Capt. Joseph Spencer, in "Lexington Alarm" and served 18 days. Reenlisted in same company May 8, 1775, and was discharged Dec. 17, same year. Was drafted Aug. 24, 1777; promoted to Corporal in Capt. Amos Jones's company of Connecticut Militia; was in both battles of Saratoga, and was discharged Oct. 9 of same year. D. in Millington, Conn., Oct. 14, 1826.

Robert Usher - He became a noted physician, and served his country in War of Revolution as Surgeon in Col. James Wadsworth's regiment. He d. Mar. 27, 1820, at Winchester, Conn. She d. May 20, 1849, aged 93 years.

OLIVER CONE - Enlisted under Capt. Abraham Tyler at the "Lexington Alarm," in April, 1775, and served 19 days. Reenlisted in May, 1776, in Capt, Eliphalet Holmes's company of Minute Men from East Haddam. He was called "Oliver, Jr.," on the rolls, to designate him from Oliver, son of David, who served in same company. I have no further record of him than that he d. in Millington, Conn., Sept. 26, 1782.

ELEAZUR CONE - A Revolutionary soldier, He d. there Nov. 22, 1831.

CONANT CONE - He was a gallant soldier during Revolutionary War, enlisting Feb. 16, 1777, for three years in Capt. Eliphalet Holmes's company, in regiment commanded by Col. Jedidiah Huntington, of Connecticut Line. Took the field at Peekskill, N. Y., spring of 1777. Remained in camp until ordered to Gen. Washington's army in Pennsylvania in Sept. 1777. Was in battle of Germantown. Wintered at Valley Forge 1777-8. Was in battle of Monmouth, June 28, 1778, and served in 1779 in repelling forces in Gen. Tryon's 'Invasion," and was discharged Feb. 16, 1780. d. in 1799.

JOSHUA CONE - He served long and faithfully in our War for Independence. Enlisted at Middletown Mar. 22, 1777, in company commanded by Capt. John Hart, under Col. Samuel Webb. Was promoted to Corporal Sept. 1778, for bravery in the battle of Rhode Island, Aug. 29, 1778, and again April 22, 1780, to Sergeant, He was discharged Dec. 1780. Enlisted Jan. 1,1781, in Capt. Samuel W. Williams's company, in 3d Regiment, Conn. Line, and was discharged as Sergeant Dec. 31, 1781 —thus honorably serving four vears in that war. Congress gave him a pension in 1830. He d. in East Haddam Feb. fi. 1850,' aged 92 years

TIMOTHY CONE - He served as a Lieutenant in Rev. War, in 6th Co., 25th Reg. of Militia, his commission being signed by Gov. Jonathan Trumbull, and dated Mar. 21, 1777. He is called "Capt. Timothy," in the town records; probably was afterwards promoted, and d. Dec. 19, 1800.

Timothy Cone - d. Nov. 7. 1847. Served in Rev. War as Corporal, in Capt. Dickmoon's company. Continental Regiment, 1776. Served in Capt. Abner Prior's company, 5th Regiment Conn. Line, as Sergeant, 1777 to 1780. Received pension in 1831. Had dau. Mary, who m. Col. Alfred Wilcox. Res. Lansingburg, N. Y.

Samuel, cone - Served in Rev. War in Col. Tyler's Regiment in 1775, and under Col. Samuel Parsons, Conn. Line, in 1776-7. Was in the battle of White Plains. Commenced to receive pension in 1818. Res. at Clinton, Me., where he d. 1840

SAMUEL CONE - He was a blacksmith, and during the Rev. War helped to forge the chain that was placed across the Hudson to keep the British vessels from going up the river. He enlisted in 1775, and was in the battles of Bunker Hill and White Plains, and in Arnold's Expedition to Quebec. Discharged 1776. Enlisted Feb. 10, 1777, in Col. Jonathan Baldwin's Artificers and Engineers, and served three years. In the year 1801 he removed to Leyden, Lewis county, N. Y., where he d. Aug. 22, 1825. Government gave him a pension Apr. 22, 1818. His widow was granted a pension July 4, 1836.

ROSWELL CONE, - In June, 1726, he enlisted in the Rev. Army at East Haddam, in the same company with his father, under Capt. Eliphalet Holmes, in Col. Samuel Selden's regiment of Continental troops, June, 1776, and went to reinforce Gen. Washington in New York. Was discharged Dec. 26. 1776. He reenlisted Nov. 8, 1780, in Capt. Zachariah Hungerford's company and was discharged June 6, 1781. He d. June 27, 1830.

Matthew Bird, - He was a soldier during the Rev. War, enlisting Aug. 15, 1775, in the company commanded by Capt. Thomas Foster, under Col. Richard Gridlev, and d. May 27, 1835, aged 85 years.

PHINEAS CONE - In April, 1775, he volunteered at the "Lexington Alarm," and served eighteen days in Capt, Joseph Spencer's company. As soon as he returned he enlisted again, on May 9, 1775, serving under Col. Joseph Spencer (who had been promoted to the command of the 2d Regiment of Connecticut Colonial troops Was promoted to Corporal June, 1775; was wounded, and discharged Dec. 17, 1775; received a pension from the Government in 1789. He d. in New London, Conn., in 1833, aged 81 years

ROBERT CONE - He was among the first to volunteer at the opening of the Rev. War, enlisting May 15, 1775, under Capt. Ely Cook in the 6th Continental troops commanded by Col. Samuel H. Parsons, and was discharged Dec. 18, 1775. Enlisted again in Capt. Martin Catlin's company, under the same Colonel, and served nine months in 1776. He also served in Col. Erastus Wolcott's regiment, under Capt. Martin Kirtland, during the vear 1777. Was granted a pension Apr. 20, 1818.

OLIVER CONE - Served as a soldier in War of Rev., enlisting in a company of Minute Men from East Haddam, under Capt. Eliphalet Holmes, in 1776. Enlisted May 10, 1777, and served until Aug. 16, 1779, in 7th Company of 5th Regiment of Connecticut Line, under Capt. Eli Catlin. Was in battles of Germantown, Monmouth, and Stony Point. He d. in 1829.

JAMES CONE - In 1738 he was appointed a Lieutenant in the Colonial troops, and served in the Colonial war in 1745, under Sir William Pepperill. Was a member of the Legislature of the Colony in 1747-48-49, and of the Ecclesiastical Society at Millington, Conn., in 1733, and served as its first Clerk. Was a prominent citizen and held manv civil offices of trust and responsibility. ll. at Millington Apr. 4, 1774.

Daniel Gates - He served as Captain during the Colonial War. D. in East Haddam June 24, 1759.

SYLVANUS CONE - He was a soldier in the French and Indian Wars, enlisting Sept. 4, 1755, in the company commanded by Capt. Phelps, 3d Regiment Connecticut troops, and served ninety nine days, for which service he received £1 14s. 3rf.. as appears from the " Roll of troops" now in possession of the Connecticut State Library at Hartford. He enlisted again on May 30, 1756, in Capt. Edmund Wells's company, 4th Conn. Regt., and was discharged Nov. 26, 1756, and received for his services £10 6.«. \0d. Nearly twenty years afterwards, the soldier instinct being strong within him, we find him volunteering as a Minute Man in the Revolutionary War at the battle of Bunker Hill. In 1776 he enlisted in the Connecticut Militia, under Capt. Joseph Woodford. The rolls of this company are not complete, but, judging from his previous record, he undoubtedly served his country long and faithfully in that war. For fifty years he was an active member of the First Cong. Ch. in East Haddam, and d. there May 5, 1812, aged 81 years.

RUFUS CONE - He enlisted in 8th Company of the 7th Regiment of Connecticut Continentals, under Col. Charles Webb, July 10, 1775, and was discharged Dec. 10, 1775, the company being commanded by Capt. William G. Hubbell. In January, 1776, he enlisted in Capt. Jewett's company of the 17th Continental Regiment, under Col. Huntington, and was at the battle of Long Island on Aug. 27, 1776. History tells us that one-half the regiment were taken prisoners at this time. Rufus was reported missing, and was undoubtedly taken prisoner and supposed to have d. on board a British prison-ship, as he was never heard of afterwards

NATHANIEL CONE - He was a soldier in the Rev. War, and received a pension in 1818. Served in 1776 in Capt. Timothy Percival's company, under Col. Jed. Huntington. Was at battles of Flatbush and Jamaica Plain. He d. June 27, 1825.

ISRAEL CONE - He d. in East Haddam. Nov. 4. 1825. He served long and faithfully as p. soldier in War of Rev.. enlisting in the company commanded by Capt. John Willey, in " Lexington Alarm," June, 1775. On Jan. 1, 1777, he enlisted in Col. Huntington's regiment of Conn. Line, in Capt. Eliphalet Holmes's company. Was at the battle of Germantown, Oct. 4, 1777. Wintered at Valley Forge, and participated in the battle of Monmouth, June 28, 1778. Was discharged Dec. 30, 1780. Reenlisted immediately, Jan. 1, 1781, in Capt. Nehemiah Rice's company, and was promoted to Sergeant in February, and discharged Dec. 31, 1781. Was allowed a pension May 30, 1818, There was an Israel Cone who became Paymaster in Rev. War, but I am not certain that they are identical.

OLIVER CONE - He served during the Rev.War as a soldier, enlisting in East Haddam in Capt. Wiley's company, May, 1775, at" Lexington Alarm," and was discharged Dec. 17, same year. Also, served eight months in 1776, in Capt. Nathan Jewett's company, in Col. Dyer's regiment. On July 1, 1780, he enlisted in Col. Hemans's regiment of " Short Levy," and served until Oct. 9, same year. Soon after he was married, viz., in 1788, be removed to Woodstock, Vt., and all his children were b. there. In 1817 he removed to Orleans county, N. Y. Was granted a pension for services in the war, Sept. 18. 1832, and d. Shelby, Orleans county, Dec. 4, 1844, aged 89 years. His wife was b. East Haddam Sept. 13, 1764, and d. in Greensburg, Vt., Sept. 24, 1815.

DANIEL CONE - He served six years as a soldier in Rev. Army, enlisting at East Haddam, in Capt. Eliphalet Holmes's company, in Huntington's regiment, and also in Capt. Nehemiah Rice's company, under Col. Sherman, and was discharged at close of the war in 1783. Was in battle of Germantown, and other battles in which his company participated. Government granted him a pension Oct. 27, 1818. He removed to Peru. Mass., about the beginning of last century, where he d. June 28, 1843. aged 83 years.

CEPHAS CONE - Was a soldier in the Rev. War, serving in Capt. Eliphalet Holmes's company, from East Haddam, enlisting May, 1776.

STEPHEN CONE - In 1725 was appointed Lieutenant of the Colonial troops, and in 1735 was appointed as Captain. He d. in East Haddam Dec. 1, 1756.

REUBEN CONE - He served in Colonial War under Capt. Jeremiah Hogeboom

JARED CONE - The General Assembly of Connecticut appointed him Ensign of the First Company at Bolton in 1772, and Lieutenant in 1773. In April, 1775, his company marched from Bolton and took part in the "Lexington Alarm," the company being commanded by Capt. Thomas Pitkin. He also served as Captain in the Connecticut Militia under Col. Wells, in 1779. The records in his case are not complete. It is probable that he served nearly six years, and before his final discharge was promoted to Major; such at least is the family's record. He d. at Bolton Apr. 11, 1807.

STEPHEN CONE - He served in Rev. War, enlisting at Bolton as a private in Capt. (afterwards Col.) Jonathan Wells's company Jan. 31, 1776, till Mar. 15, 1776. Here, as in the case of his brother Jared. the record of his military service is not complete. Removed from Bolton to Manchester, Conn.

JOHN CONE - He enlisted in Capt. Joel Loomis's company of "Light Horse," in the battalion commanded by Major Elisha Backus. The company went to the assistance of New York in the summer of 1776. On Nov. 1, 1776, Gen. Washington issued the following "General Order:" "A relief having come for the Light Horse under Major Backus, that corps is now dismissed, with the General's hearty thanks for their faithful service and the cheerfulness and alacritv they have shown upon all occasions." He served afterwards in Capt. James Smith's company under Col. M. Mead, Connecticut troops. Was with Gen. Gates in his " Northern Army" in 1777, and d. while returning home, at Spencertown, N. Y., Oct. 5, 1777.

JARED CONE - He served in the Rev. War, enlisting at Bolton under Lieutenant Olmstead in Col. Sherman's regiment of Connecticut Line. He was afterwards transferred to Capt. Botts's company in Col. Scammel's regiment, and was at the surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown, Oct. 19, 1781. "He was a competent and faithful soldier." He removed from Bolton to Columbia, N. H., in 1812. Was granted a pension in 1840, and d. there Mar. 7, 1842, aged 82 years. EZEKIEL BAILEY CONE - Rev. soldier. Served in 4th Co., 2d Reg. of Conn. Continentals in 1775. Also in 8th Co., 3d Battalion, Wadsworth'a Brigade, in 1776. Was in battles of Bunker Hill and White Plains, and with Arnold's Quebec Expedition.

JONATHAN CONE - He enlisted as private in Capt . Willoughby's company of New Hampshire troops, under Col. David Webster, recruited at Plymouth, being the only person by the name of Cone in the Rew War from that State. (See Vol. 2, New Hampshire Report of Rev. Soldiers.) "Enlisted in call for troops to reinforce Garrison at Ticonderoga in July, 1777. Served 12 days. Also, same Company, under Col. Chase, marched from Plymouth in Sept. 1777, to the assistance of our Northern Army under Maj. Gen. Gates. Served from Sept. 25, discharged Oct. 28. Time of service one month and four days. Rate per month £4 18s. Amount of wages 5.11.0. Travel to Manchester, N. H., by way of Otter Creek, at 3d. per mile, 165 miles, £2 1s. 3d. Travel home at 2d. per mile, 145 miles, £1 4s. 2d. Whole amount paid him, eight pounds, sixteen shillings and five pence."

OZIAS CONE - His patriotism and love of country was a distinguishing feature of his character, made manifest by his enlistment and long service in the Rev. War, the records showing that he enlisted twice and served over five years. He enlisted Apr. 18, 1777, in the 5th Connecticut Line, under Col. Philip Burr Bradley, and was in the following battles: Germantown, Oct. 4, 1777; Monmouth, June 28, 1778 ; and participated in the storming of Stony Point, July 15, 1779. 'Wintered at Valley Forge, 1777-8, and was mustered out 1780. In 1781 he enlisted in the company commanded by Capt. Theo. Munson, and served to the end of the war in 1783. In appreciation of his valuable services he was granted a pension Apr. 11, 1818. He d. Mar. 6. 1823.

JOSEPH CONE - In 1762 he was a Lieutenant in New York State troops in Rev. War, enlisting Dec. 18, 1776. d. in 1822, aged 95 years

DANIEL HURLBURT CONE - He served in the Rev. War, enlisting May, 1777, for three years as a private in the company commanded by Capt. Abner Prior in the 5th Regiment of Connecticut Line under Col. Philip Burr Bradley. Enlisted at Middletown, and was discharged Apr. 18, 1780. He had previously served in the 2d Regiment of Continentals from May 10, 1775, to Dec. 19, 1775. Was in the battles of Brandywine and Morristown, and wintered at Valley Forge. 1777-8. Was granted a pension Apr. 12, 1818

WILLIAM CONE - Served during the early part of the Rev. War. in the company commanded by Captain Return Jonathan Meigs (who afterward became Gen. Meigs), enlisting at Middletown May 5, 1775, and was discharged Dec. 10, 1775. While in the army he was detailed to do the butchering for the regiment, and in this capacity supplied all the meat required for eight hundred men. He was a shoemaker by occupation, and after the war used to go from house to house (as was the custom in those days), measured the feet of the whole household, and then and there made shoes for the whole family JOSHUA CONE - He served in Rev. War, enlisting at Wethersfield, in the "Lexington Alarm," in Apr. 1775, under Capt. John Chester. Again enlisting, he served during the whole of year 1776 in Captain Hezekiah Welles's company, under Col. Erastus Wolcott. Was allowed a pension, commencing Mar. 4, 1831, and probably d. soon, as his widow was granted a pension July 4, 1836.

BERIAH CONE - Was a soldier in the Rev. War, but the record of his service is very incomplete. The only mention I find of him is that he enlisted in Manor John Skinner's troop of " Light Horse," June 10, 1776, and "marched to the defense of New York," and was discharged Aug. 3, 1776. He commenced to receive a pension Mar. 4, 1831, while living in Canaan, Columbia county, N. Y., and d. there in 1837.

REUBEN CONE - Reuben served long and faithfully in the Rev. War, serving nineteen days in the Lexington Alarm, from Apr. 1775. Enlisted May 8, 1775, in 9th Company, 6th Regiment of Continentals, under Capt. John Ely, and was discharged Dec. 18, same year. Served in Boston and Roxbury. Enlisted again in the "Light Dragoons," under Col. Elisha Sheldon. May 24, 1777, for three years. According to the rolls of that regiment he was 5 feet 10 inches tall; light complexion and eyes; dark hair, and was a farmer, and res. at Savbrook.

NOADIAH CONE - He was a soldier during Rev. War, enlisting May 28, 1777, under Col. Henry Sherburne, and was discharged in May. 1780. His company was in the battle of Long Island, and was commended for good conduct on that occasion. Commenced to receive a pension in 1834, and d. in Haddam Feb. 5, 1844, aged 88 years.

NOAH CONE - served in Rev. War. Was a private in Capt. Samuel Walcott's company; enlisted in Berkshire county, Mass., June 30, 1777. Discharged July 21, 1877. Company ordered out by Gen. Fellows to reinforce Northern Army Also in Capt. John Collar's company, enlisting July 19, 1779; discharged same year. "Age 18, complexion light." Again enlisted, Oct . 14, 1781.

SOLOMON CONE - Solomon was a soldier in Rev. War, but the records do not seem to be complete. He enlisted at East Haddam for "Lexington Alarm" as Sergeant, with Capt. John Willey, under Col. Joseph Spencer, in Apr. 1775

Thomas Gates - Rev. soldier, Connecticut Continentals.

Timothy Gates - Rev. soldier, Connecticut Continentals.

Zechariah Gates - Rev. soldier, Connecticut Continentals.

Caler Gates - Rev. soldier, Connecticut "Minute Men."

Eleazur,CONE - . (Revolutionary soldier.)

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