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Other Wars:

French and Indian War:

John Cone- Served in French and Indian War

Reuben Cone - Served in French and Indian War

Joshua Cone - Served in French and Indian War

Simon Cone - Died in the French-Indian War. in 1756.

Cornelius Cone - was a soldier in the French and Indian War of 1755. He also served with Massachusetts troops in the Rev. War.

War of 1812:

Mathias Whitney - served in War of 1812

SYLVESTER CONE - He was a soldier in War of 1812, serving at New London, Conn., under Capt. William Palmer.

Elijah Bingham - During War of 1812 he was Colonel of a regiment of Connecticut Militia.

JEREMIAH CONE - Served in War of 1812

WARREN CONE - Served in War of 1812

Andrew Cone - Served in War of 1812.

ISRAEL CONE - Served in War of 1812 with rank of Ensign.

Giles Cone - Served in War of 1812, as Sergeant in the 25th U. S. Infantry.

Newton Clark - He served in War of 1812 and received a pension for his services.

NATHANIEL GREENE CONE - During the War of 1812 he served in the Connecticut State Militia

Seymour Saxton, . During the War of 1812 he served as a soldier, and afterwards received a pension for his services

OLIVER BRAY CONE - Enlisting in the War of 1812 at a very early age, he served in Capt. Sylvanus Smith's company from New London from June 21, 1813, to Aug. 25, 1814.

WARREN CONE - Served for a short time as a soldier in Capt. Benjamin Boyd's company in the War of 1812, enlisting at New London Nov. 2, 1813, and was discharged Dec. 1 of the same year.

ZACHARIAH CONE - He served as a soldier in War of 1812

FESTUS CONE - He was commissioned a Captain in the 25th United States Regulars, and served during the war of 1812

Chester Dodge was "called out" to serve as a soldier to "repel the attack of the British at Sacket's Harbor," in War of 1812 and for this service his widow was granted a pension after his death, which occurred Apr. 14, 1871.

ORSON CHILDS CONE - Served in the Mexican War under Gen. Winfield Scott, in Co. F, 9th us. Inf., enlisting at Enfield, Conn., May 6, 1847, and was at the storming of Contreras, San Antonio and Churubusco, and at the taking of the City of Mexico. He was discharged Apr. 25, 1848.

Creek War:

Garrett Craft

Mexican War:

ORLANDO VERLETTE CONE - Served with credit in war with Mexico, and received a grant of land for his services. He enlisted in War of Rebellion in Company B, 101st N. Y. Vols., and was killed in the second battle of Bull Run, Aug. 29, 1862. A letter from his captain to the widow states that "He was shot in the head while nobly pressing forward upon the enemy."

William Harvey Sellers - At the age of fifteen he joined the Mier Expedition between Texas and Mexico. Were taken prisoners. Attempted to escape, were recaptured, and remained prisoners for two years. In the war between the United States and Mexico he served as Lieutenant in the Regiment of Texas Rangers. Settled in Houston, Tex., in 1848. Served in Civil War as Captain on staff of Gen. Hood. Afterwards promoted to Colonel.

Spanish-American War:

Homer Meloy - Served in Spanish-American War in 3d Wis. Vols.

CLIVE STERLING CONE - He was band-master of the 4th Wisconsin Vols, all through the Spanish-American War

CLARENCE ARTHUR COAN - For many years a member of the 9th N. Y. N. Guard. Became 2d Lieutenant of Co. H in 1893. Promoted to 1st Lieutenant and Inspector of Rifles in 1895, and to Captain in 1896. In 1898 this regiment was mustered into U. S. service in the Spanish-American War, and he remained in service until Dec. 12, 1898, when the regiment was discharged. On Oct. 5, 1899, he enlisted in Co. K. 23d Reg. National Guard. Promoted to 1st Lieutenant Dec. 27, 1900, and on May 31, 1901, brevetted Captain for services.in Spanish-American War.

World War I:

Slyvester Cone - Army

Jeremiah Cone - Navy

World War II:

Jerry Cone - Navy

Virgil Cone - Purple heart, Bronze Star - Navy USS Hunter Liggett

Paul Cone - Navy

Lt Ryan - Army

Robert S. Cone - Was a member of the Filthy Thirteen, a group of men assigned to the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment (PIR) of the 101st Airborne Division in World War II. The Filthy Thirteen was to jump into Normandy on June 6th ahead of other d-day invasion units and perform sabotage by destroying bridges thus preventing the Germans from reinforcing their defenses on the beaches. Robert and the rest of the Thirteen are easily distinguishable from other 101st Pathfinders not just because of their mission but because they shaved their heads into a Mohawk style and painted their faces as Indian warriors. They were also assigned to regimental headquarters and not a pathfinder company. Was wounded on Jun 6th 1944 and captured June 7 spent rest of the war as a POW.


Virgil Lee Cone Jr.

Jack Halsted

Cold war:

Jack Cone - Air Force

Ray Cone - Army 3rd Armored Cav Regiment 1st Recon Sq.


Lt. Col. Virgil Lee Cone Jr. - 1 silver star, 3 bronze stars, purple heart, multiple service awards and two field promotions. 82nd ABN Attached to Americal Div. in Vietnam

Lloyd Alford Cone AMS3 - Navy Seawolves: HA(L)-3 Det 7 (2/14/1948 - 5/8/1968) KIA while serving as a door gunner with the Helicopter Attack (Light) Squadron Three Seawolves when he was killed in action in the Mekong Delta region of South Vietnam.

Ken Cone - USMC

Mike Thasher

Pat Thasher

Leon Walls - Army

Gary Walls - Army

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