Sylvester Washington Cone
Med. Det. 1st Bn. , 22nd Engineers, A.E.F. France - WWI

Sylvester Washington Cone

This is the Account of the life of my 2nd Great Grand Uncle Sylvester Washington Cone who fought in WWI.
It was copied from his hand written copy made when he was in his eighties.

I was born Oct. 30, 1890 on Prospect Mountain res. country of Cullman County, Alabama. I am the fourth son of 12 children, 9 boys and 3 girls. We were all born in Cullman County except Robert and Gilbert. They were born in Etowah county. The children all lived to be grown except our little sister, Eunie Caroline. She passed away at about the age of 2 years. My father and mother worked hard. My grandfather made my mother a loom and she carded batts out of sheeps wool and cotton and she wove the cloth and made a lot of our clothes and knit and made a lot of our socks and my father carried on the farm work.

We all worked. My father owned a herd of cows and a lot of sheep and hogs, and my mother owned a flock of geese and a lot of guineas and chickens. When we children reached school age, we walked 3 or 4 miles to Damascus School *. My first book was a blue-back speller. We continued our schooling there till we left there and moved to Etowah County. We moved to Etowah County about 1905 **. Some of us had music talents. We studied music and sang at church and conventions. I studied music under Prof. J. Henry Shcwalter of West Milton, Ohio, and Prof.'s, T. B. Mosley and J.R. Baxter at Albertville, Alabama. and Prof. P. Clark Perry of Chattanooga, Tennessee. I hold a first grade certificate in music and Jerimiah also has a certificate in music. Henry, Vander, Jerimiah and I practised singing more than the others.

I really enjoyed the fellowship of my parents and my brothers and sisters. Some of our family showed more interest in the work of the Lord than the others. My brother, Vander was the outstanding one in the interest of the church. They organised a church (missionary) Baptist and they had no building for it and Vander let them use his home to worship in till they could build and now the church has grown and they have a beautiful brick church ***.

We worked at different trades. Some were farmers, some were builders, and barbers, and railroading, and some coal miners. Henry, Vander and I worked on the L & N. Railroad about 1910 and we three worked at the Southern R.R. shop at Gadsden, Alabama. Jeremiah and I worked at the building trade different places Alabama., Georgia., and Tennessee, until the World War I broke out and I enlisted in the Army and served two years. I served in the A.E.F. France, mostly in the Muse Argone .Jeremiah enlisted in the US Navy and he travelled in various places in the world. After the war was over, he took up the building trade again. We first worked for the Dodge Motor Co. in Detroit, Michigan and from there I worked for various companies-- Daniel's Construction Co., W.L. Costen Construction Col, Algermont Blair, and Ber and Cobb Co. These jobs were -some in Alabama, some in Georgia., and Florida. I worked at the Airforce Base in Ft. Walton, Florida and in 1944 at the Atomic Bomb Plant in Hanford, Wash., this was a Dupoint job. Jeremiah Cone worked on many different jobs and he was an expert builder.

We all married and have families except little Eunie Caroline. Some of the places I visited while in the US Army in the A.E.F. as follows: Landed in Brest, I sailed on the US Calemares Transport. The most historical places I visited were Nancey, Renns Goudre Court, Abbainsville, Meuse, Argon, Vurdun, Metz, Chaatta Terry, Paris and a 15 day vacation in the Alps- Grenoble and Leon and many other places and St. Micheil.

As we grew up our favourite sports were baseball, swimming, hunting and fishing.

I met my wife, Kate, the youngest of 5 children 3 boys and 2 girls (of George W. Brothers --born Jan I, 1863 and Amy Bynum Brothers -born June 22, 1862). When we were in our teens I thought she was pretty and smart and her character was excellent, a good cook and good housekeeper and good Christian We have been married nearly 50 years. We married April 29, 1923. We have raised 3 fine children: Herman Paul, the oldest Mildred Helen, the next oldest, and Carolyn Gail, the youngest They all professed religion in their youth. I thank the Lord for the fellowship of my companion and children. Our children are all married and have fine families. We have seven fine grandchildren --5 girls and 2 boys. Our children all own their homes and they have good companions.

Sylvester Washington Cone - Born Oct. 30, 1890 - son of John Henry Augustus Cone - Born Jan. 18, 1860 and Phoebe Ann Tolbert Cone -Born Dec. 7, 1867.

My grandfather, George Washington Cone was a Civil War veteran, and my grandfather Tolbert was a Civil War veteran.

* Damascus Church - Several miles south of Cullman off 1-65 at a Shell Service Station and Motel -then right, and up the hill there is still a Damascus Church there.

** The deed to the rural Altoona, home place is dated 1904

*** The church is now called: Mountain View Baptist Church 555 Mountain View Church Rd. Altoona, Alabama 35952

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